Federated Identity

A federated identity is a method of linking a user’s identity across multiple separate identity management systems. It allows users to quickly move between systems while maintaining security.

Single sign-on (SSO) is a subset of federated identity management, in which a user's single authentication token, is trusted across multiple IT systems.

OneSDK Federation component

The OneSDK’s Federation component will be capable of importing data from various IdPs (Identity Providers) such as Google, Facebook, OKTA and any other provider that supports OpenID Connect/ OAuth2. Depending on the data source, the fetched information will be considered pre-verified.

Similar to other OneSDK components, the Federation component consists of a set of Vendor Wrappers. Each wrapper represents a different IdP. Even though vendors follow the same protocol, sometimes they differ slightly. Some might have an SDK that takes care of initialising the authorisation/redirection flow and others might require a few extra parameters to be included in the requests. For vendors without an SDK, the authorisation is usually done with a regular browser redirect that must follow their own standards on top of OAuth2 and should be described in their own documentation. The OneSDK abstracts all those differences in a single simple-to-use Javascript interface.

const oneSDK = await OneSdk({ session });
const federationComponent = oneSDK.component("federation");

federationComponent.on("results", (individual, status, approve) => {

You can find more details about each IdP we integrated with in the following pages.