Release v6.27

Release Namev6.27
Release Date19 May 2022
Release StatusCOMPLETE


  • Added support for Centrix BNPL arrears flag. The New Zealand Credit Bureau (Centrix) records where an individual is in arrears with a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) provider. This information is made available to other BNPL providers to assess risk when provisioning a new customer. We have added support for this information to be returned as part of the KYC check done on the Centrix database for NZ citizens. The following KVPs are returned as part of the check for eligible subscribers;

    • “BNPLOverdue”
    • "StatusDate"
      (If BNPLOverdue = “True”, set to date Overdue status was last updated)
    • “BNPLArrearsCount"
      (If BNPLOverdue = “True”, this field will provide a numeric count of the number of BNPL providers that the subject is currently in arrears with.)
  • Added support to be able to "step-up" a PEP check to include adverse media. When a standard PEP check is run, and then subsequently the check is changed to PEP & Adverse Media (pep_media) a new check will be triggered rather than utilising the prior PEP check results

  • Fixed two issues in the Portal Biometrics tab

    • OCR report - image not displaying
    • Biometrics checks displaying multiple times
  • Fixed an issue in the Portal Onboarding & Monitoring tabs were issue label tooltips were not displaying correctly


  • Ability to re-run previously run reports in portal
  • If the entity has no risk score in the risk model in portal the modal for manual override now appears fully on the screen when selected

Fraud & Transaction Monitoring

  • Manually actioning fraud or AML cases will create a log in the Audit Report

  • Webhook notifications created when a fraud or AML case status changes

  • Columns on the Fraud/AML tab updated to remove redundant data. The following columns were removed:

    • Type
    • Profile Status
    • Recipe
    • Risk Level (KYC)