Release v6.29

Release Namev6.29
Release Date16 Jun 2022
Release StatusCOMPLETED


  • Roles/Users management in the parent and child accounts: An admin user managing users in the portal are now able to see what roles have been created in their child accounts and the child should be able to use any role that’s been created by the parent
  • Updated mandatory address fields for country UK in Portal
  • Fixed a bug where the ruleset display in Portal was not matched to the ruleset requirements
  • Added a dropdown description for each ruleset in Portal to make the requirements more clear for users
  • Hidden 'Monitoring' column in the 'Monitoring' tab in Portal


  • Continuous monitoring of business entities for any structural changes or alerts
  • The reporting CSV file will now include business entities as well as individuals


  • Fraud and AML risk levels are displayed for each entity on the Fraud/AML tab.
  • Permissions now implemented for the Fraud Risk Score table, restricting the viewing of this table to users with Fraud permissions.