Release v6.30

Release Namev6.30
Release Date30 Jun 2022
Release StatusCOMPLETE


  • Delivered a feature in Portal where Thailand users are now able to edit and input Buddhist DOB with the option to toggle between Gregorian and Buddhist format. Users are also able to leave Buddhist day and month blank
  • Updated mandatory and optional address fields in Portal for Canada, as well as changing UI for ‘Province’ to make it a drop-down menu
  • Added a risk factor for BNPL customers when we run a KYC check through Centrix and if the user is in the list of BNPL overdue accounts
  • Updated consent text in Portal as per DVS requirements
  • Made Birth Certificate Registration date an optional field in Portal
  • Fixed a UI inconsistency where support docs were appearing as failed in the Overview tab as despite having passed
  • Fixed an issue where users were appearing as ‘Manually passed’ in the Monitoring tab of Portal without any intervention from the KYC officer
  • Upgraded Biometrics service

Fraud & Transaction Monitoring

  • Labels on the Transactions tab updated to “Fraud Transactions” and “AML Transactions”

  • Entity Overview page for Fraud, AML and Device/Customer status now displays “Unchecked” when no checks have been run (previously it displayed as “Passed”)

  • Rule ID made available in the Quicksight reporting dataset to support data and trend analysis

  • Fix deployed to resolve duplicate entities being created via Smart UI and KYT service