Release v6.31

Release Namev6.31
Release Date20 Jul 2022
Release StatusCOMPLETE


  • Fixed an issue in Equifax connector where fake address displayed as passed on Frankie portal even though Equifax returned failed response
  • Applied stricter set of filters to the list of supplied addresses in order to avoid sending bad addresses to Equifax and Experian connectors


  • API to fetch an entity’s parent organisational entities. Refer documentation for details.

Fraud & Transaction Monitoring

  • Fix deployed to resolve duplicate entities being created via Smart UI and KYT service.
  • Fix deployed to resolve scenario where entities are incorrectly displaying as Needs Attention.
  • Fix deployed to resolve entity list loading error on the Fraud/AML tab.

Smart UI

  • Onfido Widget is updated to use the latest Onfido Web SDK version (8.1.0)
  • Added support for Australian Drivers Licence card number (NSW, ACT, SA, TAS, WA and NT). From 1 September 2022, the card number on a driver licence (DL) will be a mandatory field for NSW, ACT, SA, TAS, WA and NT issued licences. Customers can now additionally enter the card number on the screen (Optional input).