Release v6.36

Release Namev6.36
Release Date27 Sep 2022
Release StatusCOMPLETE


  • Expanded the Default Country admin settings in Portal to auto populate default country for Biometrics “Send SMS link” when performing Biometrics for the first time and when restarting.
  • Made UI improvements to the AML database result details section in Portal.

  • Added a functionality in Portal where users of IDV2 are able to refresh results of Biometrics performed by an entity.

Things to note:

  • Refreshing results takes about 15-20 seconds on average.
  • When services are slow, results take some time to be fully updated. In this instance, reloading the page may help.


  • Business ownership query results now include ASIC review date
  • Defect fix - deactivated associated parties are hidden in portal

Fraud & Transaction Monitoring

  • Fraud/AML Portal listing permissions
  • Additional validation and bug fix on the PATCH API endpoint