Release 23.Q2.R5

Release Name23.Q2.R5
Release Date20 June 2023
Release StatusCOMPLETE
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The FrankieOne platform is constantly evolving to deliver better products and services to our customers. This release includes some of the latest enhancements and updates that we have made to improve your experience with our platform.

The following changes are included in this release of the FrankieOne platform.


An updated ID validation has been implemented for NZ and AU Passports, allowing a more intuitive way of entering the Passport ID.

Onfido Widget

FrankieOne SmartUI Onfido widget has been updated from version 8.3.0 to version 12, to fix issues that some users were encountering with the previous version.


To improve the overall user experience of managing the settings in the Portal for Admin users, we have move the Settings option under the Profile dropdown menu. Once the Settings option is selected, the Setting page is opened. Within the Settings page you will find General, Role Management, and User Management settings.


  • We've added new configuration for address enhancements, making it easier to split out street information to compensate for Google geolocation. This new configuration will be an optional opt in for our clients. When enabled, this feature will help reduce failed applications because of errors in their address formatting.
  • We've also added a new IDV provider that will give even more capabilities and options to perform further IDV "OCR" and Biometrics checks.


  • The next version of the KYB API is now currently in Beta with the Organizations endpoint being rigorously tested currently.
  • Additional enhancements for alarms during releases.

Fraud and Transaction Monitoriing

  • Updates to the reset password email to display the FrankieOne Logo to easily distinguish emails from us.
  • Additional fixes and enhancements to the OCR report to make the table and dates more consistent.