Release 23.Q3.R3

Release Name23.Q3.R3
Release Date22 August 2023
Release StatusCOMPLETE
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The FrankieOne platform is constantly evolving to deliver better products and services to our customers. This release includes some of the latest enhancements and updates that we have made to improve your experience with our platform, as well as fixes to issues previously encountered.

The following changes are included in this release of the FrankieOne platform.


Here are the fixes and new features implemented for our KYC product:


A fix to prevent an issue where an archived entity continue to have ongoing media checks running has been applied.

  • Another fix has been implemented to prevent billing codes being mixed up.

  • Audit logs have also been improved to prevent generating errors.

  • A fix to prevent supporting documents with blank ID numbers from being validated has also been rolled out.


Multi-factor authentication or MFA

To further strengthen account security, we've implemented the option to enable multi-factor authentication, or MFA in account management.

Through MFA, users can add an additional layer of verification to the account login process, reducing the risk of security breaches from occurring and keep user data safe.

This new feature lets users enable, set up and login with MFA on their accounts, and disable it when necessary. For admins, the user management tab now shows MFA status of users.

For this release, users can choose to use either an authentication app or email for MFA.


We've also released several fixes to keep the portal performing optimally.