Release 23.Q3.R4

Release Name23.Q3.R4
Release Date12 September 2023
Release StatusCOMPLETE
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The FrankieOne platform is constantly evolving to deliver better products and services to our customers. This release includes some of the latest enhancements and updates that we have made to improve your experience with our platform, as well as fixes to issues previously encountered.

The following changes are included in this release of the FrankieOne platform.


The latest release of FrankieOne OneSDK now comes with support for Onfido Motion for both headless and headed workflow. For optimal results, the option will be used by default.


New feature

With this release, we’re implementing the beta version of the Visual Ownership Tree within the UBO Report. Using this feature, customers are able to view the actual share owners in a diagrammatic tree format. This allows a deep dive into the share holding structure showing individual percentage ownership of investment represented in a PDF as tree structure.


An update to the KYC PDF has been implemented, to further protect PII and avoid unauthorised access.

Additionally, a hotfix has been applied to ensure that the correct status message is returned when OCR issues are encountered.


Several security updates have been implemented. These pre-emptive fixes ensure that the platform is running with the highest security protection.

Additionally, we’ve added a column to the organization table to store account IDs for billing and administrative purposes.