Release 24.Q1.R4

Release Name24.Q1.R4
Release Date05 March 2024
Release StatusCOMPLETE
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The FrankieOne platform is constantly evolving to deliver better products and services to our customers. This release includes some of the latest enhancements and updates that we have made to improve your experience with our platform, as well as fixes to issues previously encountered.
The following changes are included in this release of the FrankieOne platform.



We've added the capability to verify Indian passport, and to select document based on the document types and IDs.

The license_version from NZ driver's license (back of the card) is now populated automatically when we get the back number via OCR.


To align with Incode's new policy, we've enabled the option to re-use the token from the IDV service.


Our team applied a preventive fix for a OneSDK Onfido IDV flow security issue.



In the Visual Tree, a circular reference icon will now be shown when a circular reference is detected. Joint holdings will be represented in a single node with a distinct icon, and the names of multiple holders will be appended.

Improvements have also been made to tree branching to enhance readability, such as reducing line overlaps and increasing space between nodes.