AUS: Driver's Licence

  • Name: Requires given and family names as shown on the licence
  • Date of Birth: Always in YYYY-MM-DD format
  • ID Type: idType = DRIVERS_LICENCE
  • Country: AUS
  • State: region - one of: VIC/NSW/ACT/WA/SA/NT/QLD/TAS
  • Licence Number: idNumber = The licence number (not document number as given on some state licences - see below)
  • Document Number: extraData
    • KvpKey: "document_number",
    • KvpValue: "nnnnnnn…" This is the new document number being introduced from 2022 on Australian licences (already in NSW and SA).


Note on Document Number

The document_number KVP field is presently (Dec 2021) not validated nor checked. This functionality will be introduced once DVS opens this up for testing some time in Q1 2022.

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