AUS: Driver's Licence

  • Name: Requires given/primary and family names as shown on the licence.
  • Date of Birth: Always in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • ID Type: idType = DRIVERS_LICENCE.
  • Country: AUS
  • State: region - one of: VIC/NSW/ACT/WA/SA/NT/QLD/TAS
  • Licence Number: idNumber = The licence number (not document number as given on some state licences - see below)
  • Document Number: extraData
    • KvpKey: "document_number",
    • KvpValue: "nnnnnnn…" This is the new document number being introduced from 2022 on Australian licences (already in NSW and SA).


Mandatory Requirement

From September 1st 2022, the document_number KVP will be required for verification of licences issued by ACT, SA, Tas, NSW and WA (TBC) from 1 September 2022 in the document_number KVP.
Note on the 22nd of April the commencement date was pushed back for NSW from 1st July to 1st Sep.

Please note, this should not push back or delay any work currently underway to make any required system changes by 1 September 2022.

While the enforcement of the Card Number will not become mandatory in the DVS until 1 September, use of the Card Number for DVS verifications of Driver Licences substantially improves the overall identity integrity of the document and it is strongly encouraged that Users continue to update their systems to include this field in their interface.

Currently, if an individual sends the Card Number as part of a DVS verification request, the field will be checked against the most recently issued Licence. This measure was implemented to minimise the impact of identity related crime and prevent a stolen licence from being used to verify an identity by malicious actors.

Card Number Format

"identityDocs": [ { "idType": "DRIVERS_LICENCE", "country": "AUS", "region": "NSW", "idNumber": "N49187", "extraData": [ { "KvpKey": "document_number", "KvpValue": "21631234" } ] } ], "identityDocs": [ { "idType": "DRIVERS_LICENCE", "country": "AUS", "region": "ACT", "idNumber": "0123456789" } ],

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