Introduction to the API

The FrankieOne API allows developers to integrate FrankieOne's risk and compliance services into their applications.

The API allows:

  • Globally:
    • Checking name, address, date of birth against national/international databases.
    • Validating local and international driver's licenses, passports, healthcare cards, visas, and other local and international national Identification documents.
    • ID validation and selfie check comparisons.
    • Fraud list and fraud background checks.
    • PEP, Sanctions, Watchlist, and adverse media checking
    • Validating International passports and national ID documents.
  • Region specific features:
    • Validating Australian and international electricity bills.
    • Validating Australian Medicare cards
    • Validating NZ driver's licenses, motor vehicle registrations, birth certificates, and more.
    • Validating Chinese bank cards and national ID cards.
    • Australian visa entitlement checks

KYB specific services

  • Query organization ownership.
  • Perform KYC & AML checks on shareholders, beneficial owners, and office-bearers.
  • Query credit score and credit reports.
  • Query International Business Profiles.

Additional services

There are a range of additional services available as well which include:

  • Duplicate checking.
  • Build and manage your fraud blocklists.
  • Chinese name transliteration and verification.
  • Shared blocklists.