Introduction to the API

Welcome to FrankieOne’s support, API reference, and customer resources site!

Here you’ll find full details on how to connect and work with the FrankieOne APIs as well as how to use our SmartUI too.

The FrankieOne API allows developers to integrate FrankieOne's risk and compliance services into their applications.

The API allows:

  • Checking name, address, date of birth against national/international databases
  • Validating Australian driver's licenses, passports, medicare, visas, and other Australian national ID documents
  • Validating Australian electricity bills
  • Validating NZ driver's licenses, motor vehicle registrations, birth certificates, and more
  • Validating Chinese bank cards and national ID card
  • Validating International passports and national ID documents
  • PEP, Sanctions, Watchlist, and adverse media checking
  • Australian visa entitlement checks
  • Fraud list and fraud background checks
  • ID validation and selfie check comparisons.

KYB specific services

  • Query organisation ownership
  • Perform KYC & AML checks on shareholders, beneficial owners and office-bearers.
  • Query credit score and credit reports
  • Query International Business Profiles

Industry-specific services

  • Comparing Australian electricity retailers for a better deal.

There are a range of additional services available as well

  • Duplicate checking
  • Build and manage your fraud blocklists
  • Chinese name transliteration and verification
  • Shared blocklists

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