Working with the Sandbox

Gaining Access to the Sandbox

As part of our initial onboarding process, you will be given access to our Sandbox. This is available through our sales team. You will be sent a set of access credentials that will give you API access to our service. Also, please let us know if you require portal or IDV services as well.

As part of the welcome pack sent, you will be given:

  • Access keys
  • Worked examples
  • Test data

Using the Sandbox API

The test data supplied attempts to give you a wide range of possible test scenarios. The details given are checked by the service and if they match what you supply, you should e authenticated successfully.

We have tried to make the service match production behaviour, but there are a few subtle differences.
Some things to be aware of as you test include:

  1. The sandbox service will match based on family name. So if you supply a test subject with a family name found in the test data, then that is the record we'll attempt to match with.

  2. Matching is case insensitive.

  3. You can force the service to pass the person by setting their middle name to "passall".

  4. In the test data spreadsheet, you'll note in the last column that some entries are marked with CLEAR, PEP, SANCTION, and FRAUD. This indicates that if they first pass the KYC checks, they will also be marked with PEP/SANCTION/FRAUD (or combination) results.

4a. The above will return simple canned data. Those marked with SKIP will get their results from an external test service and will provide more substantial details in the response.

Entity Profiles Available to Test With

The following Entity Profiles are available to test with:

  • default
    • Runs the following checkTypes: two_plus,id,pep_media,idvalidate
  • xbank
    • Runs the following checkTypes: two_plus,id,pep_media,fraudlist
  • xcredit
    • Runs the following checkTypes: blacklist,duplicate,two_plus,id,pep_media,fraudlist,idvalidate
  • full
    • Runs the following checkTypes: blacklist,duplicate,two_plus,visa,id,pep,fraudlist,idvalidate
  • customer
    • Runs the following checkTypes: two_plus,visa,id,pep
  • profileA
    • Runs the following checkTypes: id
  • profileAdup
    • Runs the following checkTypes: duplicate,id
  • beneficiary
    • Runs the following checkTypes: pep_media
  • organisation
    • Runs the following checkTypes: pep_media

Forcing Errors

The easiest way is to choose a record from the test data, then supply incorrect data (obviously :-) )

Failed Credit Header
You can force a credit header failure by setting the street address of anyone you’re checking to one of:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
    This will force the service to return a failed credit header source to the chosen bureau.

Fail Non-ID Checks

You may wish to force fail all but ID checks. This can be useful if you're trying to test scenarios where someone will pass just using IDs.

You can do this by setting the middle name to FailNonID. This will force the test service to only evaluate ID details.



You will need to ensure that the rest of the details normally verified with the ID (such as name, DoB, and the ID details) are in fact correct.