Check a transaction's risk

Evaluate customer activity for fraud risk and/or money laundering risk.
Fraud risk may be associated with the customer or their device as well as the transactions that they performed. Money laundering risk is associated with financial transactions.

You supply the details of the action or transaction, originator/customer and beneficiary/counter-party, along with any additional data such as device details, location information and any additional data you feel might be relevant.

This API is extremely flexible and can be extended easily - please contact your FrankieOne account manager to discuss your options.

Note: When performing a risk check for a Crypto activity type (CRYPTO_WITHDRAWAL, CRYPTO_DEPOSIT) you can provide additional information for the evaluated exchange value of the coin and value in the transaction. This can be provided by adding a payment.alternative.value and payment.alternative.currencyCode in the activity.customerTransaction.extraData field.
For example:

  "extraData": {
    "payment.alternative.value": "10000.00",
    "payment.alternative.currencyCode": "USD"
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