(AUS Only) Create Business Entity and Query UBO

Process a request for ownership details for an Australian organisation ONLY.

See below for more general international queries.

At a minimum, you just need to supply an ACN or ABN and we can retrieve the rest.
You also have the option of supplying company name, type (as per ABR types) and both ABN/ACN and we'll attempt to verify that that data matches what is on record before attempting any further verification and validation.

KYC/AML for a selection of entities associated with an organisation and/or the organisation itself can optionally be run, but not by default. To enable KYC/AML checks one or more entity categories must be provided. If such a list of entity categories is given then default checks based on configuration will be run for those categories. If a check type is also provided in the request then that type will be used for entities representing individual entities, and the AML subset of that check will be used for organisations if any. Specifying a check type without an entity category will result in an error.

NOTE: A 202 ACCEPT response will be returned if there are full ownership details to be retrieved or there is entity verification requested.
In this case results will be pushed using the Push Notification API below and you will be able to retrieve the results using the Retrieve API.

If only basic ownership (profile only) is requested with no entity verification, then the result will be a 200 OK.

More details on how to use this API and interpret the results can be found here:


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