Update Entity and Initiate IDV Process

Update an entity object and if successful, start the process of downloading the captured data and processing the reports and results of the ID validation process.

At a minimum, the entity will need to have a name. For best results, you should gather the DoB, address, ID document details as well before calling this initProcess function, or supply the details as part of this update.

The IDV process may run various checks against the photos and videos supplied by the applicant.

These check types are configured on request and can include:

  • ID Validation (Document) - Looks at the picture(s) of the identity document, and does checks about image quality, as well as specific things about the id itself, such as whether it is expired or is for someone under 18. The image is also OCR'd and the OCR results are compared against the data entered for any KYC checks to make sure that it is the same document.
  • Facial Photo Comparison - Compares the portrait picture of the identity document, to the “selfie” taken as part of the idv process. The selfie can be either a still photo or a live video (preferred). This checks both that the selfie taken is valid and not manipulated, and that it is a reasonable match to the picture on the identity document. The exact algorithm to determine matches and quality is dependant on the provider chosen.
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