The FrankieOne API provides a simple, but secure mechanism for authentication.

As a user of the FrankieOne API, a CustomerId and potentially ChildId will be allocated.

The CustomerID is the primary identifier.

The ChildID will be issued when accessing the service either as part of an organizational division (e.g. a regional/country division) or as the agent of a service that uses FrankieOne for their KYC/AML needs.

A user will be issued an API Key that is tied to both the CustomerID and ChildID.

To authenticate each call, the user must supply the CustomerID, the ChildID (if used), and the API Key as headers in every call to the service. The headers to use are:

X-Frankie-CustomerID: 12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012
X-Frankie-CustomerChildID: 87654321-4321-4321-4321-210987654321
api_key: 245c765b124a098d09ef8765....