Create and Verify Entity

Create an entity object. An entity object can be used to simply store data around a given identity. You can attach ID documents, scans, PDFs, photos, videos, etc to the entity if you wish.

If the entity is successfully created, take the details and documents provided, and set about verifying them all.
So for example, you might extract:

  • The name from the object
  • The address from the entity.address object
  • The DoB..

All documents that are attached to the entity will also be verified (if possible).

You can also specify the level of detail returned using the resultLevel parameter. You can choose "summary" or "full". For the "profile" check type you can also select "simple" to only get the entity profile result.

SPECIAL NOTE: A "Full" response includes details of all checks and how they map against each element, along with all the details of pep/sanctions/etc checks too.

Your account also needs to be configured to support a full response too (talk to your account manager for more information). If you're not configured for full responses, we'll only return summary level data regardless.

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