Search for Entity

Search for an existing entity that matches the criteria supplied

Criteria are supplied in the form of a populated entity object, with the name/address/DoB details supplied.
You can also include documents that can be used to further refine your search (see the /document/search function for minimum requirements for a document search)

At an absolute minimum, you must supply one of the following combinations:

  • name.familyName +
  • name.givenNames


  • name.familyName +
  • one identityDocument object (that meets minimum criteria)

Obviously, the more data you provide, the better search results we can provide.

The service will return a list of matching entities with confidence levels.

If you are the "owner" of the entity - i.e. the same CustomerID and CustomerChildID (if relevant) - then the full details of the entity and any owned documents will be returned, except for the contents of any attached scans.

If you are not the owner of the entity (or linked documents), then just the ID and confidence level is returned. You can still use this ID to retrieve any check results (see GET /entity/{entityId}/checks and GET /document/{documentId}/checks)

If you're operating a parent account, you can also optionally include your child accounts in the search by specifying child=true in the query parameters.

Note: This functionality must be enabled by Frankie administrators. Please contact your sales representative if you wish to discuss this.

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