Search For a Document [Beta]

Search for an existing document that matches the criteria supplied

There are of course limits to what can be searched upon. For a document search to work, you must supply at a minimum:

  • idType
  • country
  • idNumber

The service will return a list of matching documents with confidence levels.

If you are the "owner" of the document - i.e. the same CustomerID and CustomerChildID (if relevant) - then the full details of the document will be returned, except for the contents of any attached scans.
If you are not the owner of the document, then just the ID and confidence level is returned. You can still use this ID to retrieve any check results (see GET /document/{documentId}/checks)

Note: At this time, we cannot perform searches on document scans. But, you can supply extraData KVPs if they're known. These will help double check search results with ambiguous results.

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