Adding Data With The API

Adding data to an entity or document is quite straightforward, simply define the object and submit it to the correct entity or document endpoint.

Whenever a new object is created, an ID will be assigned automatically. All object IDs are unversioned UUIDs.


Keep a track of your IDs

These IDs are critically important as you will need to use them if you wish to update the various elements.

When creating an entity, documents can be created at the same time by embedding them in the entity’s identityDocuments section.

These documents will also be assigned their own unique IDs as part of the addition process.

Other elements that get assigned IDs are those that are kept as arrays of items.

These include:

  • addresses in entity objects
  • document scan items in documents.

As above, it is critical to keep a track of these IDs if you wish to update these elements later on.