About Smart UI (for deprecation)


Smart UI is being replaced with OneSDK

SmartUI will be retired by 31st December 2024 and will be replaced by our new OneSDK Onboarding Forms. Contact your Customer Success manager for details on how to upgrade your Smart UI integration to OneSDK.

Smart UI allows you to connect your customers directly with FrankieOne’s identity verification and validation services.

Your customer provides their minimum basic information, FrankieOne will verify their identity according to your configured rules, and signal back to you that the customer is ready to be onboarded -- all without the customer leaving the webpage.

How it works

The user onboarding flow with Smart UI works as follows:

  1. The user navigates to your registration page.
  2. Your server uses your API credentials to create a Smart UI session token.
  3. Your webpage initializes Smart UI using the session token from the server.
  4. Smart UI handles the collection of the user's details, document information and, optionally, biometrics.
  5. FrankieOne verifies the user's details and returns the results to your application.
Simple Flow Sequence

Simple Flow Sequence.