Smart UI Overview

Our self-onboarding Smart UI allows you to connect your customers directly with Frankie One’s identity verification and validation services.

They will provide their minimum basic information, we will run all the checks you choose and then signal back to you that the Applicant is ready to be onboarded, right there in the platform it's embedded.

  • The first step is to make sure you have credentials previously provided to your organisation by Frankie: the Customer ID and the api key. Some organisations will also have a Customer child ID.
  • With those in hand you will be able to authenticate to our backend service and generate a secure temporary token that will allow the Smart UI to connect to Frankie Services with limited permissions.
  • Now you only need to provide the Smart UI with that token and optional configuration to customise the behaviour to meet your own goals.

Simply put, the Smart UI is a reusable Web Component or "widget" that sits cleanly on your page and does all the hard work for you.

Simple Flow SequenceSimple Flow Sequence

Simple Flow Sequence


Please visit Obtaining the Smart UI Widget

We recommend the use of Smart UI version v4, if you are starting fresh. In case you already use v2 and want to get the latest features, please visit the page Migrating v2 to v3 to be aware of the breaking changes from v2 to v3 and v4. The changes are simple to handle and not too many.

Please don't download these files. Simply create a script tag and link to either the minified or the non minified .js files below and update the version tag to the desired one. Besides the two major versions v2, v3 and v4, we also provide semantic versioning to target specific points in time. Visit Version Log for details of the available versions.

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