Monitoring and Onboarding lists

The monitoring and onboarding lists within our portal show lists of customer profiles for review.

Onboarding List

The onboarding list contains all profiles that require manual review.

Screenshot of the onboarding list

Screenshot of the onboarding list

Monitoring List

The Monitoring list contains all profiles that have “Passed”. No further action is required on these profiles.
You can also view if this profile has Ongoing Monitoring switched on.

Screenshot of the monitoring list

Screenshot of the monitoring list

NameCustomer’s full name collected on the application. This name is used in KYC verification and AML screening.
Customer IDThe reference ID assigned to this customer.
Profile StatusDisplays the overall status of the customer profile.
CreatedDisplay the age of customer application.
Last UpdatedDisplays when the last change was made to the customer application.
Risk LevelRisk level of customer.
IssuesDisplays any issues found in customer application.
Assigned toDisplays the user assigned to the customer application for review and decisioning.

List Filtering & Sorting

Manage your workflow by clicking the funnel icon next to the column heading:

There is a GIF that shows this process here:

DVS Expanded Response

Expanded responses are a DVS initiative to provide more information about an individual’s document verification outcome. An expanded response is a brief explanation provided by the document issuer, on why the individual’s information did not match the document being verified.

From the Portal, on the Audit Report of the particular entity, example below: