Checks and Reports Available for Businesses


New Changes

The latest changes allow re-running of the existing reports.

The report/check section has now been split into two sections to allow the viewing and re-running of reports.

Completed Checks

This section shows the list of reports/checks that have been run and are available to be viewed/downloaded.

Click on the View report button to view the report.

πŸ“’ Call Outs

  • The "View Report" will be unavailable when the report is requested for the first time.
  • The "View Report" will always show the latest available report in the system.

Requesting Reports/Checks

The new requesting check section lets you select the desired report/check and generate the same.

πŸ“’ Call Outs

  • Only 1 report can be ordered at any point in time and the request will become available only after the report request has been completed.
  • Once the re-run is complete the data against the entity will be updated to the latest check/report.

The following check types are available to be run on businesses. Please note that not all checks are available for all business types.

Check NameDescriptionAvailable for
PEP/Sanction + Adverse Media- This check will run a Pep/Sanctions/Adverse media check on the selected business as per the configuration set up in your FrankieOne account. International Business (using name only)

Sole Traders


Australian Private and Public Companies
Single Level Business Ownership This report will identify the directors and shareholders of a business to a single level as reported via ASIC.

Also known as an ASIC extract

* If ABR details are available they will also be included in this report
- Australian Private and Public Companies
UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) Report This report will identify the ultimate owner(s) of a company and help you understand what role (direct or indirect) individuals play within simple or complex corporate structures

ASIC extracts are included for each of the businesses investigated to determine the full ownership tree.
- Australian Private Companies
Credit Report Includes credit report + ASIC current extract.

Add optional Risk Score and payment predictor
Sole Traders


* Australian Private and Public Companies

Old Design