KYB entity categories

This section defines what checks (if any) to apply to the organisation entity and its owners. For each entity category there is a check type for "individual" and/or "organisation". The available categories are:

defaultCheck type to use for categories that have no check type defined
organisationOnly the original organisation
ubosUltimate beneficial owners
pseudo_ubosDirectors used as stand-ins when ownership cannot be resolved
direct_ownersOnly the first level of owners
officersAll officers (director, secretaries, or others)
officers_directorsJust directors
officers_secretariesJust company secretaries
officers_otherJust non-directors
allAll associated entities


When a customer uses pseudo UBOs for entity categories in the business ownership query or risk configuration - this behaviour is configurable as to which entities will be selected for checks and if the entity categories for checks includes pseudo_ubos . This will only trigger when we have no UBOs identified.

We are able to configure what categories will be considered as a pseudo UBO. The default config for this is shown below, meaning that when no UBOs are present and pseudo_ubos  are requested in the check, directors should be checked.

  "check_organisation_pseudo_ubos": [

The customer can override this behaviour with what is relevant to their policies.