Working with Names

Names can be hard sometimes, and they differ all across the world.

At FrankieOne, we’re constantly striving to make sure we’re including as many cultural nuances and conventions as possible. If you have a requirement that isn’t met in one of the following pages, please let us know and we’ll look at how best to handle your situation.

The Name object provides for the following fields:

  • Family name (or Surname).
  • Given/First name (your primary name).
  • Other names (or “middle” name(s)).
  • Display Name
  • Honorific

For a name to be valid, you must supply at least one of:

  • Family name or
  • Given name or

See the PersonalNameObject in the API Reference for full details

More details on other name variations are given in the pages below.
Names With Different Character Sets
Verifying Single Name Applicants