OneSDK Onboarding Forms

In OneSDK - Individual Details, we described how you can work with the individual object to update the user details and verify the individual.

OneSDK also enables you to embed onboarding forms out of the box into your frontend application, to capture user details, such as name, DOB, address, and GovID.

Just like other modules in OneSDK, the onboarding form can be created when you initialize OneSDK.

With the Form module, you can configure and customise onboarding screens by passing a configuration object. To activate and render the new modular onboarding forms, you need to provide a recipe configuration at the time of initialising OneSDK.


OneSDK Initialisation

Before using OneSDK forms, make sure to follow the instructions in the Getting started page, to learn how to initialise OneSDK in general.

Form recipe configuration:

const oneSdk = await OneSdk({
  session: sessionObjectFromBackend,
  recipe: {
    form: {
      provider: {
        name: 'react',

For details on how to configure the forms, please navigate to the following pages: