Customer Reference Number

If you wish to store an your reference number / customer identifier with an entity, then you can use the customer_reference KVP. You do need to follow the KVP field rules below for it to work correctly.

But once it's in, the customer_reference KVP can then be used as a search key in the /search API call.







Any value unique to your organisation

This is your own corporate ID for the entity. We will create an index on this value and it will be displayed in the portal as “Customer ID”

Note: If you supply any other KvpKey with a KvpType of id.external we will also index that too, but it won’t be displayed on the portal.


KvpType is Critical

Normally the KvpType is optional, but in this case, if you want your reference number to be indexed, then you MUST set it to id.external

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