Manage Users

How to manage users in the FrankieOne portal

To manage roles in the FrankieOne portal, select the Profile menu, then select Settings.

From the Settings page, select User Management.

User Management

The User Management tab displays a list of all users currently registered in your FrankieOne portal as well as the roles that are assigned to them.

Add a New user

Click the Add New User button and enter the name and email address.

In the New User setup, ensure that at least one role is assigned to the new user, otherwise they will not be able to access the portal.

Click the Save icon to create the new user.

An email will be sent to the user with information on setting their password.

Lock a User

Locking a user prevents the user from having access to the FrankieOne portal, however leaves their profile in the FrankieOne system for audit purposes.

Reset the Password

To send a reset password link to a user, click the lock icon associated with that user. This will email a link to the user with instructions on resetting their password.