Visual Ownership Tree

Show individual percentage ownership of investment represented in a tree structure


The term UBO stands for Ultimate Beneficial Owner, which refers to the natural person who ultimately owns or controls a legal entity. Banks and corporations are required by law to identify and verify the UBOs of their customers and partners, as part of their Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing obligations. This helps to prevent financial crimes and ensure transparency in the business sector.

To identify the UBO, we:

  • Acquire the organizations credentials
  • Research ownership chain
  • Single out the ultimate beneficial owner

The objective of the Visual Ownership Tree is to represent the actual share owners in a diagrammatic tree format. We dig deep into the share holding structure to know the individual who actually owns what percentage of Investment. The same information is represented in a PDF as tree structure in the generated report.

Additionally, you can view the directors of the companies that are represented in the Visual Tree Diagram of UBO report


This feature is in beta.

The UBO Visual Ownership Tree is currently in beta. Please contact support to be part of the beta program for this feature.

Viewing the UBO Visual Tree

You can view the UBO Visual Tree from the generated UBO Report.

To view the last UBO report generated:

  1. Select the Monitoring tab from the Dashboard.
  2. From the Overview page, go to the Completed Checks section.
  3. Select the View Report button to open the generated PDF Ultimate Beneficial Owner Report.
  4. In the report, visit the Relationship diagram section.
UBO Visual Tree for an organisation displaying directors of the companies represented.

UBO Visual Tree for an organisation including directors of the companies represented.

The relationship diagram adds a JH flag or marker on the entity for a Joint Holding.

The relationship diagram also marks the directors and alternate directors using D and AD markers respectively (only on the top level). A director isn't always an owner of a business. For these type of directors, they are depicted with gray connection lines.


To better understand the UBO Visual tree, you can refer to the legend found at the bottom of the relationship diagram page.

You can review the legend information below:

Green backgroundTotal beneficial ownership ≥ 25%
Red backgroundRequires further investigation
Yellow backgroundTotal beneficial ownership ≥ 25%. Exists in multiple branches
╼╼ Green lineConnection to beneficially held (BH) ownership
╼╼ Red lineConnection to non-beneficially held (NBH) ownership
╼╼ Gray lineConnection to controlling role only
ADAlternate Director
JHJoint Holding