Importing past KYC check data

Check results not effected by FrankieOne can be imported by specifying them in a special 'ID' document with the type CHECK_RESULTS. The import document must have a valid country due to FrankieOne request validation requirements, but the value will otherwise be ignored.

Currently only KYC check results are supported.

The check results specified in the CHECK_RESULTS document are not immediatedly imported when the document is created (or updated), but they will be validated at that time and an entity creation/update request that contains any malformed CHECK_RESULTS document will fail. If the CHECK_RESULTS document creation succeeds then the document can be updated using normal document update requests up until the time a FrankieOne KYC check is requested. At that time the CHECK_RESULTS will become "locked" and further update requests will fail.

A CHECK_RESULTS document can always be deleted, but if a FrankieOne check has been requested that uses the document then the imported check results from that document will become invalidated.

Multiple CHECK_RESULTS documents per entity are allowed.

The checks will be defined in the CHECK_RESULTS document extraData KVPs as either multiple "human readable" KVPs, or a single KVP with an embedded JSON encoding. In both cases the check results will be defined with the following attributes:

  • type - (mandatory)
    • The type of the check. One of "name", "address", "dob", "gender", "document".
  • source - (mandatory for KYC "PASS" results)
    • The source of the match result.
  • result -
    • One of "PASS" or "FAIL". Currently only KYC results are supported so "PASS" means a match, "FAIL" means no match. If no result is given, then "PASS" is assumed. There is no need to import failed KYC results.
  • date -
    • The UTC date and time of the check in RFC3339 format (2006-01-02T15:04:05.000Z). Default is the time of the Frankie KYC check that first uses the CHECK_RESULT document.
  • service -
    • The service provider that originally ran the check.
  • id or index -
    • For address and document results this is a reference to the target that was checked.
      • If a target address or document is being added to an entity at the same time as the CHECK_RESULTS document, then "index" must be the zero based index into the entity addresses or identityDocs arrays.
      • If the target address or document does not appear in the request where the CHECK_RESULTS document is being created or modified then instead the "id" attribute must be set to the Frankie UUID of the existing address or document.
      • If both id and index are given then the index will be ignored. If neither is given then index "0" (zero) will be assumed, so if there is no document or address at that index then the CHECK_RESULTS document creation/update will fail.
      • Note that a CHECK_RESULTS document cannot be the target of an imported document check result, but other than that the only validation performed is to ensure the target address or document exists in FrankieOne.