Contacting Developer Support

Before you call....

If need to or you’ve been asked to contact developer support with an error or a you have a question, please make sure you gather the following information before you contact us:

  • The first 6 digits of your Customer ID and Customer Child ID
  • The URL you were calling
  • The date and time (as close as possible) of the API call(s)
  • The RequestID in the response
  • Details of the error codes and message you received
  • Any EntityID, DocumentID and/or CheckID you have
  • A description or dump of the data you sent. Please sanitise this for PII before sending to us.
  • A description of what you were trying to achieve with the API call.
  • A description of what actually happened.

With this information, we can better help you track down the problem.

Contact via Jira

You can also log a ticket with Dev Support directly through

Contact via Email

You can drop us a line with the above information at:

[email protected]

This will also create a Jira ticket automatically.

Discussion Forums

If you have general questions, then please use our new Discussion Forum

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