Getting Help: Contacting Developer Support

Contact via Service Desk (preferred)

Please contact us via Service Desk which can be accessed here: FrankieOne Service Desk

Contact via Email

You can also contact us via email here: [email protected]

Supporting Information

To assist our support team with answering your query, please include as much information as possible in relation to the activity or question you have. The information you are able to supply will differ depending if you are an API or Portal user. Please see below for information to attach to the support ticket, or email.

API Support Information




Customer ID (and Customer Child ID if applicable)

The X-Frankie-Customerid and X-Frankie-CustomerChildid headers sent in your request


API request details

Include API URL endpoint (including query parameters), data payload and response.

In production there is no need to provide the payload and response content in order to


    "country": "IE",
    "organisation_name": "Restaurant Crepes"


  "commit": "51d611a",
  "errorCode": "SYS-0503",
  "errorMsg": "No international business profile service available at this time",
  "httpStatusCode": 503,
  "requestId": "01FWHWYRNT5VWG295RFR8MK9BT"

Date and time

Date and time of the (check) request.

Monday 21st Feb 10.35 - 10.40 AEST

Request ID in response (if applicable)

All responses from Frankie APIs return a RequestID header to help us investigate transactions like this


EntityID, DocumentID or CheckID (if applicable)

The requested entityId, or the id of any checks or documents related to your query

entityId: 7824fc69-5796-0bf4-7888-69a2ceeeaad5

Portal Support Information




Customer account name (and Child customer account name if applicable)

The customer account that you are using when experiencing the issue. This can be found in the upper right of the menubar. See screenshot below.

Customer Name: Frankie Financial

The URL of the page that the issue has been occurring

Request ID displayed on page (if applicable)

This can be found in the audit report page. See screenshots below.


Date and time of the issue

Date and time that the issue occurred. If the issue is related to a check, please also provide the date and time of the check.

Monday 21st Feb 10.35 - 10.40 AEST

Screenshot of the issue (if visible)

You can use the Snipping Tool on Windows or the Screenshot utility on Mac to show us what you're seeing.

See screenshot example below.

Steps to reproduce issue (if applicable)

Please describe the steps you took to encounter the issue, and how this differed from your expected behaviour.

Finding information in the portal to help your query along

Customer Names

Request ID

RequestIDs can be found on the Audit report page. Expand the relevant log entry to reveal additional information such as the Request ID.

Screenshots can help quickly illustrate points of concern.
A friendly remind to please ensure you blank out any Personally Identifying Information you'd like to avoid sharing.

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