Managing Duplicates

It is a typical scenario that a person may try to sign up for the service more than once.

These can be legitimate and nuisance clients. We give you the tools to make a determination on the duplicate and resolve them either as a positive match or a false match. You can also leave a comment on that determination and all actions are kept in the audit log.

By default we will match clients as duplicates based on the following criteria:

  • document ID, and
  • date of birth


  • date of birth, and
  • family or last name

If duplicates are not turned on in your portal, contact us and we can turn it on. If you have a particular matching you would like to use, we can also accommodate that.

When you get a duplicate match, you will see this on the Onboarding page:


If you want to look at the client and assess what the duplication is based on, you click on the user to manage them as normal:


You will see that the duplicate has a little -> on it indicating that you can click on it to find out more about the match.


Here you will see the comparison of the duplicate match side by side. You be able to tell if it is a True Positive or a False positive.

You then use the 'Change match status' to make a change to the duplicate match:


Add a comment for the audit log:


The client then becomes someone you can onboard via the Manual IDV page. If you select True Positive the client becomes a confirmed duplicate and can no longer be onboarded.