Verifying Single Name Applicants

In many countries, it is common for an individual to have only a single name.

In most cases, there's only a need to store that name in the GivenName field.

You can alternatively store it in the FamilyName field too if that is more culturally appropriate. The FrankieOne service will be able to determine which field to use when if comes time to validate the name.

You can also use the DisplayName field if there is an alternative/non-official rendering of the person’s name too.

Please contact us if you require assistance.

DVS Checks in Australia

In Australia, the document verification service accepts a hyphen as the first name and the single name in the FamilyName field. This can be used for verifying single-name applicants in Australia through the portal.

Frankie will also accept a full stop instead of the hyphen when running the check through a provider the data sources conventions will be used. This means for DVS in Australia a name field that only has a full stop in it will be passed in as a hyphen to DVS for verification.