Retrieve a Business Profile

Retrieve a business profile for a business

To retrieve a detailed business profile for one of the businesses returned via the search endpoint, you can request a profile. The profile calls return:

  • A JSON repose that contains the profile information
  • An URL to the location where you can download a PDF format for the same

You need to know the country/region you wish to search within, as well as the name of the business. You will also need the company code returned in the search call made previously.

Use the company code obtained in the previous step to retrieve the profile for the business. The profile contains details such as the business address, legal status, and lists of directors, shareholders and officeholders.


Registration authority code

Note if a registration authority code was returned in the search results the code needs to be included while calling the profile endpoint for accurate results and in some jusrisdictions the profile to work.

Retrieve a business profile using the /business/international/profile endpoint.

  1. In the example below, replace YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID with your Customer ID and YOUR_API_Key with your API key provided by FrankieOne.
  2. Replace COMPANY_CODE_FROM_PREVIOUS_STEP with the company code.
  3. Replace REGISTRATION_AUTHORITY_CODE_FROM_PREVIOUS_STEP with the registration authority code.
  4. Copy the resulting code into your command line, and run the command.


curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'X-Frankie-CustomerID: YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID' \
     --header 'api_key: YOUR_API_KEY'
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '{
       "company_code": "COMPANY_CODE_FROM_PREVIOUS_STEP",
       "country": "IE",


The company profile response contains information about the Business itself and the Director and Shares details.

    "CompanyProfile": {
        "Addresses": {
            "Addresses": [{
                "AddressInOneLine": "10 MOLESWORTH STREET, IRELAND, DUBLIN 2DUBLIN, 662881",
                "AddressLine1": "10 MOLESWORTH STREET",
                "AddressLine2": "IRELAND",
                "AddressLine3": "DUBLIN 2DUBLIN",
                "Postcode": "662881",
                "TelephoneNumber": "016600311"
        "Code": "024173",
        "Date": "2022-04-22T04:41:03.8155772Z",
        "LegalForm": "PLC - PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY",
        "directorAndShareDetails": {
            "directors": {
                "Director": [{
                    "address1": "10 Molesworth Street",
                    "address4": "Dublin 2,DUBLIN,Ireland",
                    "birthdate": "28/07/1958",
                    "directorships": {
                        "Directorship": [{
                            "appointedDate": "28/10/2021",
                            "companyName": "ALLIED IRISH BANKS, PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY",
                            "companyNumber": "024173",
                            "companyStatus": "Active - Accounts Filed",
                            "function": "Director"
                    "name": "JAMES PETTIGREW"
            "shareHolderSummary": {
                "shareCapital": "1696488273.70"
            "shareHolders": {
                "ShareholderDetails": [{
                    "allInfo": "2714,381,238.00 ORDINARY  EUR .63",
                    "currency": "EUR",
                    "name": "AIB GROUP PLC",
                    "nominalValue": "0.6250",
                    "percentage": "100",
                    "shareType": "ORDINARY",
                    "shareholderType": "C"
    "checkId": "cbdbcdd4-49e5-5fb2-38f2-7ce6ff40e8ac",
    "entityId": "0854bef5-06db-df98-b5e9-09b886fc140a",
    "ibRetrievalLocation": "",
    "requestId": "01G17S5H25ZZ2STKYQNDR2X6GY"

Extract the Entity ID


What is the entityID used for?

The entityID is the unique identifier for all subsequent API calls to be made. It is also the unique identifier in the Frankie world.

For example, extract the company code for the first matched result:

const entityId = response['entityId']