The Document Object

A document is used to represent a document or piece of information, such as a drivers licence, a phone number, a report or a collection of related data

  • A document can be just “meta-data”. So in the case of a drivers licence, this might just be the ID number, country and state.
  • A document can be a report or utility bill
  • A document can be used to represent a mobile phone number or email address
  • It may optionally include scans of the actual document.


Country Attribute

A document always has the country attribute set.

        "country": "AUS",
        "createdFromScan": "true",
        "docScan": [
            "ScanDelete": true,
            "scanCreated": "2020-06-02",
            "scanData": "VGhpcyBpcyBzb21lIGV4YW1wbGUgZGF0YS4gV29vLCBJIGJldCB5b3UgcmVncmV0IHRoZSB0aW1lIHlvdSB3YXN0ZWQgZGVjb2RpbmcgdGhpcywgaHVoPw==",
            "scanDataRetrievalState": "NORMAL",
            "scanDocId": "84a9a860-68ae-4d7d-9a53-54a1116d5051",
            "scanFilename": "Important Document - ID1234567.pdf",
            "scanMIME": "image/png",
            "scanPageNum": 1,
            "scanSide": "F",
            "scanType": "PDF"
        "documentId": "84a9a860-68ae-4d7d-9a53-54a1116d5051",
        "documentStatus": "DOC_SCANNED",
        "extraData": [
            "kvpKey": "Extra.Information",
            "kvpType": "general.string",
            "kvpValue": "123-456-789A"
        "idExpiry": "2020-02-01",
        "idIssued": "1972-11-04",
        "idNumber": "123456789",
        "idSubType": "string",
        "idType": "DRIVERS_LICENCE",
        "manuallyModified": "false",
        "region": "VIC"

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