Status of a Document Order

Retrieve the status of a document order


This feature is in Progress

You can retrieve the status of a previously ordered report for an entity. To fetch the status and details you need to provide the requestID of the order and the entityID the order was requested for.

Request a specific report from the available list using the /business/{{entityId}}/report?requestId= endpoint.

  1. In the example above, replace YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID with your Customer ID and YOUR_API_Key with your API key provided by FrankieOne.
  2. You need to also replace the "entityId" in the URL param with the entity ID of the business that you need the reports for
  3. You need to also replace the param value "requestID_FROM_ORDER" with the requestID of the report that you would like to retrieve of the status of the order.


curl --request GET \
     --url '{{entityID}}/report?requestId=requestID_FROM_ORDER' \
     --header 'Accept: application/json' \
     --header 'X-Frankie-CustomerID: YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID' \
     --header 'api_key: YOUR_API_KEY'


The response will contain a response code if the report has been requested successfully

  • requestID
  • requestedDate -> The Requested Date Time (UTC format) of when the report was ordered.
  • reportCode -> The report code used.
  • reportStatus -> The status of the request.
  • reportTitle -> The title of the report will be available after the report is completed.
  • lastFetchRun -> This will tell when the report availability was checked last in Date Time (UTC format). (available only for in-progress, timed out, error orders)
  • necxtFetchRun -> This will tell when the next fetch will run in Date Time (UTC format) (available only for in-progress orders)
  • reportUrl -> The URL to retrieve the document(completed orders only)
    "requestId": "01GB460WBMVC3JWZ5EWXR89AS1",
    "requestedDate": "2022-08-23 01:45:41.8728137 +0000 UTC",
    "reportCode": "CHON_Q0hfQ29tcGFueU1vcnRnYWdlc18x_MTA2NzE5NjY=",
    "reportStatus": "Completed",
    "reportTitle": "kyckr-CHON_Q0hfQ29tcGFueU1vcnRnYWdlc18x_MTA2NzE5NjY=",
    "reportUrl ": ""

Status Mapping for the field "reportStatus" and what it means

  • Request Received -> The order for the report has been successfully placed.
  • Waiting on Provider -> The report is not available yet and waiting on the provider.
  • Completed -> The report is available.
  • Request has timed out -> Unable to retrieve the report in the 30 days waiting period after request.
  • Failed -> the request failed on the provider's end.
  • Failed to Retrieve Report -> Unable to retrieve the requested report from the provider.


Retrieving a Report

The Retrieving a Requested Report endpoint can be used to retrieve the report for completed orders.