Risk Assessment

The FrankieOne Risk Assessment considers a set of criteria (Risk Factors) and uses a weighted scoring mechanism to determine the customer’s Risk Level.

A Risk Assessment is performed on every new customer profile and also at multiple stages throughout the check process. The Risk Assessment is updated as further information becomes available based on the result of each check.

A customer’s Risk Level can also determine what checks are required. Ie. A high-risk customer may require more checks to be completed than a low-risk customer.

The below table shows a basic example of the Risk Level changing based on the result of each check:

CheckCheck ResultResulting Risk Level
Initial Risk AssessmentN/ALow
Blocklist CheckNo Matches FoundLow
KYC CheckPassLow
Pep/Sanctions CheckFail - Potential Match FoundHigh

Risk Score and Risk Levels

The customer is assigned a Risk Score and a Risk Level based on the score.
Risk Scoring is configured in your FrankieOne account and Risk Levels will be assigned based on that configuration.

The following table outlines the Risk Levels

LowMinimum level of checks required
MediumFurther checks may be required
HighFurther checks may be required
UnacceptableAn unacceptable risk level will push the customer profile into a ‘Failed’ state with the ‘Score’ issue tag

The customer’s overall Risk Level is found at the top of their profile:


Risk Factors/Risk Scorecard

Risk Factors are the criteria through which Risk Score is determined.
View the Risk Factors applied to a customer profile in the Customer Score tab.
Risk Factors are configured in your FrankieOne account. If you’d like more information on how your Risk Scorecard is configured, speak to your account manager.