Integrating with FrankieOne

The documentation is split into four sections that cover the core components of FrankieOne.


Core components

FrankieOne has four core components. They are detailed below.

The FrankieOne Portal

Operators and administrators using FrankieOne day-to-day will likely need our documentation on the FrankieOne portal and the processes involved in performing checks on their customers.

You would use the Portal to:

  • Manually create applicants (individuals) in FrankieOne and trigger a verification after inputting their personal details
  • Manage applicants created via the API and the portal
  • Run Australian Business onboarding / KYB checks with an ABN or ACN.
  • Resolve applicant issues relating to AML monitoring, Duplicate / Blocklist management and risk based assessments.

The FrankieOne API

Engineers and solution designers who are integrating FrankieOne into their platform will need our API documentation to build their solution.

The FrankieOne Smart UI

Designers and front-end developers who are integrating the FrankieOne Smart UI into their UI will likely need our Smart UI usage guides.

The FrankieOne OneSDK

The FrankieOne OneSDK is a client-side JavaScript SDK for onboarding individuals onto your application using FrankieOne. OneSDK aims to provide customers with "ridiculously simple" integration. More information available here