Understanding AML Results

Whenever a request for an AML check is made, either as part of an entity profile recipe or specifically through a checkType value of pep or pep_media, an AML Result Set that contains details of all matches would be returned.

See Create and Verify Entity for more on how to call this.

The result set will contain an array of "people" that match the search criteria that is provided.

How a match is made

When searching for possible AML matches, the service will take into account:

  • Full name (required).

  • Date of birth (highly recommended) or year of birth (if DoB not available).

  • Addresses (highly recommended).

    • Note: if there's no full address, add one (or more) with just a country attribute set
  • ID documents (helpful).

We'll apply the configured filter rules and return any matches.


Name Matching

Names will be matched not only against the various PEP/Sanctions/etc lists but also known aliases too. So if there's a match with a very different name, chances are it's been picked up as a known alias for your search criteria.


Country matching

We'll scan the entity supplied for any countries based on addresses and ID documents. That list of countries will then be applied to the results and non-matching countries will be filtered out.

However, not all records have a country mapped to them, so if other parameters such as name and DoB match, then those too will be returned.