FrankieOne uses VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) to check foreign passport numbers.


What is a VEVO check?

FrankieOne uses VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) to check a foreign passport number and provide information about the Australian visa conditions associated with that passport.

What's the difference between VEVO vs the DVS Passport Visa check?

The key difference between VEVO and the DVS is that the DVS verifies identity information associated with a visa record while VEVO does not.

  • Use Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) to verify the current visa details and conditions linked to a passport.

  • Use the Document Verification Service (DVS) to verify that a visa is in effect and that the document number, name, and date of birth match the current Department of Home Affairs identity record.

For identity verification checks, the DVS passport service, in general, will suffice. However, if you require details of the visa and its conditions then both the DVS and Vevo checks can be configured.

How do I know if a VEVO check was run?

A VEVO check can be configured as part of any entity profile, and if verified, also counts as one Australian GOV ID when run with the DVS Visa check. The check summary will tell you if a VEVO check has been run and if it was verified or not.  Speak to your account manager for pricing and further information on running VEVO checks.

Check Passed

VEVO has verified that the passport number provided has an Australian Visa associated with it.

Check Failed

We could not find any Australian Visa information associated with the supplied passport number. This may mean that no Australian Visa is associated with that passport number, or the passport number has been entered incorrectly. 

2100 294

Check the customer's name and passport number to ensure the passport details have been entered correctly.

Additional information returned with a VEVO check

Applicant Type

This shows if this person is the main (primary) visa applicant or a family member (secondary) applicant.

Grant Date

The date the department made a decision to give this person a visa.

Expiry Date

For temporary visa holders:

  • If this person is outside Australia, this is the date their visa ends.

*. If this person is inside Australia, this is the date the period of stay ends on their visa and they must leave Australia before midnight (Canberra, Australia time) on this date.

For permanent visa holders:

  • If this person is outside Australia, this is the date that their travel facility ends.

*. Holders of a permanent resident visa, who depart Australia will also have VEVO show an ‘Expiry’ date. This date is the date the travel facility is due to end.

Class/Sub Class

A full list of Australian Visa's and their conditions can be found on the Australian Government department of home affairs website

Working Rights

This shows what rights the potential customer has to work in Australia while holding the visa.

For more information on what each of these fields means visit the Australian Government department of home affairs website

Where can I find this information in the portal?

  1. Open the General Information Tab
  1. Click the arrow next to the document type to expand.