Supported country codes

Choose the correct country code for your international business query.

When working with the international business queries search and retrieve business profile you're required to supply an ISO 3166 alpha-2 country code, such as IE for Ireland.

However, for some countries, you need to supply a slightly different code:

United States of America

In the US, you also need to include the state registry you wish to query.
So for a Wisconsin company, you will needs to set the country code to US-WI and for California you would use UA-CA

The full list of codes is here:

US + State CodesUS + State Codes

US + State Codes


Likewise in Canada, you also need to supply the Territory code too. So a Manitoba code would be CA-MB and Yukon would be CA-YU.

You can also query all registries using CA-ALL.
The full list of codes is here:

CA + Territory CodesCA + Territory Codes

CA + Territory Codes

United Arab Emirates

For the UAE, you need to use one of the two following codes:

  • Dubai - DU
  • Abu Dhabi - DI

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