Country Codes for International Business Queries

When working with the international business queries search and retrieve business profile you're required to supply an ISO-3166-alpha2 country code.

However, for some countries, you need to supply a slightly different code.

United States of America
In the US, you also need to include the state registry you wish to query.
So for a Wisconsin company, you will needs to set the country code to US-WI and for California you would use UA-CA

The full list of codes is here:

US + State CodesUS + State Codes

US + State Codes

Likewise in Canada, you also need to supply the Territory code too. So a Manitoba code would be CA-MB and Yukon would be CA-YU.

You can also query all registries using CA-ALL.
The full list of codes is here:

CA + Territory CodesCA + Territory Codes

CA + Territory Codes

United Arab Emirates

For the UAE, you need to use one of the two following codes:

  • Dubai - DU
  • Abu Dhabi - DI

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