Typical Test Scenarios

When testing against the FrankieOne Sandbox you may need to run some common scenarios. These are described below using Test Personas from our Test Data.

Simple Match Test

An easy initial test is confirming that a match works. To do this please make sure you enter the information exactly as it appears within the test data spreadsheet. Depending on the Recipe you're using, the amount of information that needs to be provided will vary (for example, if 2 matches required then enter 2 different document details). See Entity Profiles/Recipes Available to Test With for details on what checks are done with each available profile/recipe.

Simple Fail Test

The easiest way to simulate a failed match is to choose an individual from our Test Data, enter the information as shown and then vary one or more of the values (e.g. First Name is listed as Bobby but you instead enter Bobble, which will cause the first name to not match). What you choose to change will depend on the Recipe, as the attributes you've varied will need to be used by the checks to have an effect on the outcome (e.g. if you vary just the documentation details, and the chosen recipe doesn't involve ID checks, it may still complete the match successfully).

️ Avoid changing Family Name

When attempting to execute a partial check failure, avoid varying the Family Name as this may cause other unintended consequences. This is due to this field forming part of the primary key of the Test Persona.

Dynamic Personas

While our Test Data is a static list of defined attributes, you are also able to simulate outcomes using your own information.

Always Match Dynamic Personas

To simulate a scenario where your entered information always passes, all you need to do is set the Middle Name to passall, while the remaining information can be whatever you need it to be. However, please ensure the entered data meets the minimum required for the Recipe. If you would like to only provide successful check results on only one data source (as opposed to two), you can set the Middle Name to onepass.

Sometimes you may be limited in setting name information to explicitly force a match (for example when the name has to match another integrated test system). So to support that, you have two alternatives to consider:

  1. You can set the Street Name to passall (or onepass) which will force successful checks to occur
  2. You can include 37125 in the Document Number for the first Identity Document you've provided in your check. This value can appear anywhere in the document number (e.g. XXX37125 or MM37125PP).

Always Fail Dynamic Personas

If you enter information which doesn't match any of the available Test Personas, it will not match (see above Simple Fail Test).

Other Scenarios

Here are some other common scenarios that you may want to simulate:

Fail Non-ID Checks

If you want to simulate a scenario where the test will only pass the document checks (and fail the remaining), you can set the Other Name to FailNonID, and then enter the data as per our Test Data spreadsheet.


Don't forget the details...

You will need to ensure that the rest of the details normally verified with the ID (such as name, DoB, and the ID details) are correct for this to work as anticipated.

Failed Credit Header

If you want to simulate a credit header failure from Equifax or Experian, please set the Street Name or Long Form to include Equifax or Experian (e.g. 77 Experian Street Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia).

PEP, Fraud and/or Sanctions

From the Test Data spreadsheet use a Test Persona that has a PEP, Sanctions and/or Fraud specified (see the last column in the Test Data). When this individual is used for matching, a pre-canned match will be done and made available. Please ensure the Recipe being used is doing a PEP check.


Pre-Canned Match

The potential match used for PEP, Fraud and/or Sanctions is static and does not vary between tests. If you have other external test services within your Recipe structure, you can use a row where the individual is marked as SKIP - this will bypass the PEP/Sanctions check in our Test Data and use the next external test service for this check.