Does OneSDK replace Smart UI?

Yes. OneSDK will replace Smart UI and offer a full E2E onboarding experience with a better conversion rate.

OneSDK is a modular JavaScript SDK that provides ID Verification and Fraud Prevention modules for your onboarding needs. OneSDK also offers built-in onboarding forms that provide a quick and easy solution for user onboarding.

Are Smart UI and OneSDK the same?

No. The smart UI and OneSDK have different implementations, functionalities and configurations. Smart UI has a fixed onboarding experience while OneSDK is modular and customisable.

If I currently use Smart UI, can I switch over to OneSDK with the same experience?

Yes. Smart UI as a module is also available within OneSDK. If you want to migrate to OneSDK with the same flow as is, please refer to Migrating to OneSDK page.

How do I configure OneSDK?

Each OneSDK module accepts a set of configuration parameters that you can set in your application when initialising the module.

Can I enable "biometrics first" flows?

Yes. The OCR and Biometrics modules provided by OneSDK can be integrated as a stand-alone component. You can integrate OCR and Biometrics into your application's onboarding flow as the first step before collecting any other details.

Will I need to do continued maintenance?

Occasionally you might need to upgrade your integration to take advantage of new features we release. Our goal is to minimize this effort and make the maintenance as easy as possible.

We recommend installing OneSDK via a <script> tag as opposed to via npm in order to always receive the latest version.

How long does it take to integrate with OneSDK?

An experienced developer can complete a basic integration with OneSDK in less than an hour, however, your team's Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) may require more time for testing and deployment. Generally, OneSDK can be fully integrated by a team following agile continuous integration and delivery practices within a two-week sprint. Of course, integration times can vary significantly depending on the project’s complexity, the developer’s experience level, and your team's processes.

Read the Getting Started guide for more information.

What languages do you support?

On the client side, we have a JavaScript library for mobile and desktop web.