The Review screen for the manual flow provides users a chance to review the details before submitting for verification. It consists of two main sections: Personal details including name, date of birth, and address, and Document details for each captured ID.
It automatically navigates back to the previous screens if you need to edit the details.

Default Review screen

Review screen.

Review screen.

Edit button action

Depending on which Edit button the users select, they will be redirected to the corresponding pages:

  • Personal details Edit button - the user will be redirected back to the Personal page.
  • ID Edit button - the user will be redirected back to the Document selection page. From there, they can edit the information for their selected ID type, or choose a different ID type instead.
Edit First ID.

Edit First ID.

Edit Second ID.

Edit Second ID.


The configuration of the review screen includes the following:

nameThe name of the screen you want to loadname: REVIEW
typeThe type of the flow to be used. In this use case, it needs to be "manual"type:"manual"
titleTitle of the page.

- label: the title text

- style: the title style
title: {label: "<Your_TITLE>", style: {'ff-title': {}}}
styleThe global container for the whole pageff-form-wrapper
ctaThe button.
- label: the button text

- style: the button style
title: {label: "<Your_label>", style: {'ff-button': {}}}

If set to true, it runs a check and displays a result screen automatically.


Edit Personal and Documents

Edit button will render the previous Personal and Document screens automatically. If you already have customised and configured the previous screens, the review screen will automatically fetch those configurations saved in the session and apply them when rendering the edit screens.

Submit and Verify

If verify config is set to false, and user clicks on the submit button, details will just be saved onto the applicant, and it's done.

If verify config is set to true, user details will be saved onto the applicant and a verification check (based on the entity profile) will be run. A loading screen is displayed automatically while the check is running. Once the check results are ready, the review screen will internally render one of the result screens automatically depending on the check results.

Verify screen to Results screen.

Verify screen to Results screen.

Sample code

const review = oneSdk.component("form", {
  name: "REVIEW",
  type: "manual",
  verify: true


Event nameDescriptionArguments
form:review:loadedinputInfo: {type:'manual'}
form:review:readyUpon clicking on the button, this event will be triggered, and you can listen to it to load another screen.inputInfo: {type:'manual'}

Please note, when you enable the verify as part of the Review screen and get to the result screen, the events specified here for the result screen will be applicable.


Styling customisation

You can use the following classes to customise the styling for different elements of the page. These CSS classes apply to the common elements across all the screens. If you want to customise a specific page, you can use the above configuration options to overwrite it.

ItemCSS Class
Page containerff-form-wrapper

The following code shows you how to style a specific element on the page, in this example the button's background color will be green, instead of the default blue.

    #<you_div_container> .ff-button {
      background-color: green;