Manual KYC Verification

FrankieOne’s portal supports the ability to perform a manual KYC verification

Manual KYC does NOT check with our partners, this is purely an internal check and requires staff to attest they have sighted enough evidence as per their own internal policies to “pass” a customer.

Generally used when the electronic KYC attempts have failed and you have gained sufficient evidence and want to proceed to onboard this customer.

Manual KYC involves providing sufficient evidence to support the identity verification

  • 1 Primary Photographic ID
  • 2 Primary Non-photographic
  • 1 Primary Non-photographic and 1 Secondary

Primary Photographic

ID types with a photo such as Drivers Licence, Passport.

Primary Non-Photographic

ID types without a photo such as Medicare, Birth Certificate



It is possible to provide Secondary types of ID to support the manual verification.