Download Test Data

Test Data

The latest test data spreadsheet can be downloaded here:

Testbed Data v1.52


Data Disclaimer

While effort has been taken to provide realistic data sets, please do not infer the structure of data based on this (e.g. do not design your UI validation based on information available in the spreadsheet).

No individual information contained within this spreadsheet and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Upcoming Changes

In August 2022, the Test Data will be refreshed, with existing data changed or removed. The purpose of this is to clean up the large number of duplicate permutations that exist, as well as fix those records which reflect an unrealistic data set.

To prepare for this upcoming change, where this data is being used for automated test suites, please make sure you are able to review and update the input data to reflect the changes. Additionally, where tests reference the spreadsheet please check that the referenced row still meets the pre-requisite for the underlying scenario.

Example payloads from test data

All Test PersonaTest Persona - A specific individual or business available in our sandbox that can be used for testing. See Download Test Data in the test data spreadsheet as worked example JSON payloads for inserting/updating into the API can be downloaded here:

Postman Examples

You can also download [Postman] examples and profile here:

Postman Environment

Postman environment file can be downloaded here:

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