Resolving a potential blocklist match


Potential Blocklist Matches

The FrankieOne internal blocklist check compares the personal information and documents of a new potential customer to see if they are a match with any profiles in your internal blocklist.

If a potential blocklist match has been found, the blocklist check indicator turns red and user action is required to either confirm or remove the potential blocklist match.

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How is a match found?

Matches are found based on pre-defined rules specific to your business requirements. Speak to customer support to find out more about your blocklist matching rules.

Resolving a blocklist match

  1. Click the Resolve button on the Blocklist check.

  2. This will show the personal information of the new potential customer side by side with the blocklisted profile.

  1. Once assessed if this is, in fact, a match, use the dropdown on the blocklisted profile to set as a True Positive or a False Positive

Marking a potential blocklist match as True Positive

When a true positive blocklist match is found, the blocklist check will remain in the failed state and the overall profile status will remain 'Failed'.

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An additional banner will be added to the profile confirming the true positive blocklist match.  This profile and all details associated this profile are now added to the internal blocklist.

This profile will no longer be visible on the Onboarding List, instead can be found on the Manage Blocklist page.  This page is only visible to users with appropriate permissions.


Marking a potential blocklist match as False Positive

When a blocklist match is marked as false positive, the checks process is restarted from the beginning.  If any further blocklist matches are found, these will need to be resolved in the steps as outlined above.  If no further blocklist matches are found, the Blocklist check in the check summary will now show "Passed".


When marking an entity as false positive, you will be asked if you would like to add this profile onto the internal watchlist.