Australian KYB Functional Call Flow

The KYB functions Business Ownership and Check Organisation are asynchronous so once you call them, they will respond with an HTTP 202 ACCEPT, giving you a request ID that will be used to notify you when the process is complete.

How long this takes depends on a number of factors:

  • How complex a corporate structure we need to traverse to obtain the ultimate beneficial owners
  • How many of the names and companies you wish to perform KYC/AML checks upon
  • How complex a set of rules will apply to those KYC/AML checks.

A simple check on a company with one or two shareholder/owners can take around 20-30 seconds.

A more complex, multi-layered corporate structure with many shareholders and directors requiring checks can take upwards of 5 minutes

Once the function is complete, you will have a webhook notification pushed to you. This webhook is defined in Frankie's configuration. Please contact developer support for assistance.

The webhook payload will contain the original requestID and a simple precis of the final disposition of the request.

You then call the /retrieve API to download the result of the call.

See Asynchronous Calls (Backgrounding Processes) for more details