Function names in webhook notifications

The following table provides a comprehensive list of the function names we use in webhook notifications:

Webhook functionReference/Definition
AssociatedEntityStatusChangeused when there's a change to an associated entity
BlacklistEntitySet Entity Blacklist State
BusinessDocumentCatalogue(International) List available documents in catalogue
BusinessOwnershipQuery(AUS Only) Create Business Entity and Query UBO
BusinessOwnershipSubscription(AUS Only) Subscribe or unsubscribe to continuous monitoring of business details and ownership.
CheckOrganisation(AUS Only) Run KYC/AML Checks on Organisation and/or Associated Individuals.
CheckTransactionRiskWhen asynchronous KYT transaction check has been sent, this notification is sent when the check has been successfully processed
CreateAssociateEntity(AUS Only) Make a new entity a direct associated entity of a parent organisation.
CreateCheckEntityCreate and Verify Entity
CreateCheckEntityPushToMobileCreate Entity and Push Self-Verification Link
CreateDocumentCreate New Document.
CreateEntityCreate New Entity.
CreateEntityGetIDVTokenCreate Entity and Get IDV Token
CreateProcessIndustryUtilityDocumentCreate Document and Run Utility Price Comparison.
DeleteDocumentDelete Document.
DeleteEntityDelete Entity
DeleteEntityAssociation(AUS Only) Remove a previously created association between an entity (otherId) and a parent organisation (entityId).
EntityMonitoringSet Entity Ongoing AML Monitoring Status.
EntityProfileChangeWhen there's a change to an entity profile recipe
EntityRiskChangeWhen an entity risk score changes
EntityStatusChangeWhen an entity overall status changes
FlagDuplicateEntityResolve Duplicate States
InternationalBusinessProfile(International) Retrieve a business profile from any country.
InternationalBusinessSearch(International) Search for a business from any country.
notifyResultPush Notification Payload
OrderBusinessDocument(International) Order document from catalogue
QueryDocumentRetrieve Document Details
QueryDocumentChecksRetrieve Document Verification Check Details.
QueryDocumentFullRetrieve Document and Scan Data
QueryEntityRetrieve Entity Details
QueryEntityFullRetrieve Entity Details and Document Scan Data
QueryOwnershipChecks(AUS Only) Retrieve previous UBO query results
QueryParentAssociations(AUS Only) Retrieve all the parent associations for an Individual or a Business
RetrieveResult(Re)retrieve Response Result.
RunBusinessReports(AUS Only) Run Report(s) against a new or existing organisation entity.
SearchDocumentSearch For a Document [Beta]
StatusCheckService Status
UpdateAssociateEntity(AUS Only) Make an existing entity (otherId) a direct associated entity of a parent organisation (entityId), or update an existing association.
UpdateCheckEntityUpdate Entity and Verify Details
UpdateCheckEntityPushToMobileUpdate Entity and Push Self-Verification Link
UpdateDocumentUpdate Existing Document
UpdateEntityUpdate Existing Entity
UpdateEntityGetIDVTokenUpdate Entity and Get IDV Token
UpdateEntityStateWhen you manually override the result of an entity in Portal, the entity status will change, and this notification will be sent to your webhook.
UpdateEvaluateEntityUpdate Entity and evaluate current results and risk without running any new checks
UpdateProcessIndustryUtilityDocumentUpdate Document and Run Utility Price Comparison
UpdateProcessIndustryUtilityDocumentConsentProvide Explicit Consent to Switch Utility Plans
UpdateProcessIndustryUtilityDocumentSwitchInitiate Switching of Utility Plan
UpdateTransactionCaseThe notification is send when a change in status/resolution for an Alert occurs -
UpdateVerifyDocumentUpdate and Verify Document
VerifyDocumentCreate and Verify Document
WatchlistEntitySet Entity Watchlist State